Viqeo in Q1-2, 2022

Viqeo in Q1-2, 2022

We've gradually (sarcasm, eh?) arrived to the month of June 2022 and we think there's no better time to share the highlights of the first two quarters of the year.



After a few crazy sleepless months of preparing and launching Viqeo on AppSumo, we can officially say that our first experience working with a software marketplace was a success!

Thanks to the collective effort from both AppSumo and Viqeo teams, we've arrived at the following results:

  • 4.8 tacos with 30 reviews and over 150 queries
  • Over 450 new Viqeo users
  • Over 50 feature requests from newly-arrived users
  • 4 new platform reviews on YouTube (for the curious ones, check the links below)
  • first (of many yet to come) official Viqeo Webinar hosted to support multiple user queries
Viqeo Review ❇️ Video Hosting & Monetization Platform [Lifetime Deal]
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Viqeo Review and Tutorial: AppSumo Lifetime Deal | Visme Alternative?
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Use Cases

Naturally, there's no Viqeo without only the best users, who are always there to support and inspire us to put our best foot forward and never stop improving the platform.

Here are a few use cases that stood out to us; we simply couldn't help but share them with the world.

  • Media Publishers successfully use Viqeo in-article or sticky player to engage the viewers by displaying the most interesting parts of content and increase the page view depth.
Esta fue la reacción de Pedri cuando supo que iba con la Roja
Se ha filtrado cómo vivió Pedri la noticia de ser convocado con la España de Luis Enrique
Как сделать люкс из 30-летней Honda Civic?
Только посмотрите на эту Honda Civic: здесь все идеально! Сейчас мы расскажем, сколько сил нужно вложить, чтобы этого добиться
BAFTA Awards 2022: лучшие звездные образы
В лондонском Альберт-холле состоялось одно из главных событий киноиндустрии - BAFTA Awards 2022. Вспоминаем яркие образы звезд.
  • Same with Small Businesses who can use videos as a typical thumb-stopper that makes visitors stay longer on the website.
Live Shop. Aprenda como vender via Live Shop com o Vendendo OnLive
Série sobre Live Shop e como faturar milhões com o Live Shio. Como entrar nessa grande revolução das vendas via live shop
  • Share the essence of your Personal Blog on your main page with compelling video introduction or add an interactive poll to your blog post to entertain your audience!
PodIntelligence (PI) uses artificial intelligence to generate hundreds of highly engaging and sharable audio and video content right from your podcasts, videos or webinars.
21 Done For You Behavioural Interview Questions and Answers 2021
Behavioural interview questions and answers are designed to learn about your past behavior, which relates to the job description and position you are interviewing for. The general belief is that your
  • Nothing to add her; articles from Game Publishers speak for themselves. Check out this scroll of nonstop gaming action coming at you as if it was a broadcast!
Análisis Riders Republic, un paraíso vivo para los amantes de los deportes de riesgo
En el análisis de Riders Republic os contamos si este mundo abierto, diseñado para competir y disfrutar del ski, snowboard, bici y trajes alados, merece o no la pena
Análisis MotoGP 22, una mirada al presente y el glorioso pasado
El simulador de motociclismo regresa con una entrega que pule la base y un modo dedicado a la competición de 2009.

That's all for now, and while you're at it, we're getting ready to burst into the year's second half with renewed vigor, full of energy and fresh ideas. Stay tuned for more!